• CardiAid
    Semi Automatic AED

  • CardiAid Semi Automatic AED

One button operation to provide easier control for the rescuer

CardiAid offer both Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic AEDs. A Semi-Automatic CardiAid will only administer a controlled electrical shock if it detects a shockable rhythm. A Semi-Automatic CardiAid signals the user to press a flashing shock button to deliver a controlled shock. Some users prefer the ability to make any final checks before administering a shock and ensuring nobody is touching the patient and choose a Semi-Automatic CardiAid AED for this reason.

Features of the CardiAid Semi-Automatic AED

Paediatric treatment possible using paediatric electrodes

Auto-recognition of paediatric mode when special electrodes are plugged in

Accurate ECG detection algorithm with high sensitivity and specificity

Current-based defibrillation technology for the most effective treatment

Improved illustrations and verbal instructions

Recording multi-events up to 3 hours

More than 25 language options

CardiAid AED is in accordance with the ILCOR 2015 ERC Resuscitation Guidelines

Easily adaptable to future changes in resuscitation guidelines with configurable functions like voice prompts, CPR duration, CPR sequence (30:2 or compressions-only); and chest compression frequency (100 to 120 bpm)

Ready-to-communicate with a Gateway and able to send real-time self test results

New generation CardiAid Monitor 2 Technical Service Software offering a whole solution for all needs: Configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, event data monitoring and many more