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CardiAid Servicing. Complete peace of mind.

CardiAid is a high-quality product which is designed and manufactured with the highest medical standards in mind. At CardiAid we always want to ensure your defibrillator is ready to use and remains in the very best condition. After all, you never know when you might really need it.

Regular checks and periodic servicing are of the utmost importance for any defibrillator. At CardiAid we offer a fixed cost service contract which guarantees that your CardiAid AED is always in good working order.

CardiAid’s Service Contract includes:

Periodic checks
During a 24 month cycle, a certified CardiAid service engineer conducts the following maintenance:

Replacement of the primary battery

Replacement of the electrodes

Continuity testing of the AED using specialist diagnostic measuring equipment. This includes heart failure simulation to measure the intensity of the shock delivered.

Checking software. If necessary, the software is updated for compliance with the most recent ERC/NRR guidelines

Checking for any damage and irregularities

After servicing, the AED is provided with an AED hallmark sticker. In addition, we save the service report in your personal file

The service engineer will supply the service with a signed service sheet for your records

CardiAid will take a read out of the AED data and provide the patient’s ECG data to the attending cardiologist if requested

We ensure there is a functioning CardiAid available to you within 24 hours

We ensure the CardiAid is provided with a new main battery

We ensure the CardiAid is provided with a new set of electrodes

How will your service be carried out?
Your CardiAid service will be completed either by an engineer or on a collect and return basis from CardiAid (loan CardiAid can be supplied subject to availability). CardiAid servicing times are typically collected, serviced and returned within a working week, however times can vary.